Lionel Jeffries as the old soldier Grandpa Potts in the 1968 production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Here Grandpa Potts in the process of being kidnapped by the minions of Baron Bomburst in the musical film
rendition of Ian Flemming's book.

Throughout the film Lionel Jeffries' character wears the 1877-79 South Africa Medal which would naturally imply
that Grandpa Potts was a veteran of the Anglo-Zulu War. For some reason the medal's ribbon is reversed
throughout the film so that the date on the medal's clasp cannot be seen. The fact that the ribbon is reversed even
through costume changes indicates that this was for some reason a decision on the part of the production staff.

While in uniform Potts wears a light infantry badge on his foreign service helmet. This coupled with the Zulu War
Medal would seems to have made Potts a former member of the 1st Battalion, the 13th Regiment of Foot which
became the 1st Battalion, Prince Albert's (Somersetshire Light Infantry). Weather this was a deliberate effort on
the part of the production in hard to say.

Black and White Production Still
8 inches by 10 inches (28cm x 18cm)
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Great Britain