This real photo postcard of an unidentified U.S. Army private is one of those antique images that harks back to an even
earlier time and place. Although uncertain its appears that this soldier was photographed in the Philippine Islands sometime
around 1910 - almost certainly after the end of the so-called Philippine Insurrection. In this image the soldier is clearly
posing with the not long past Wild West in mind. With a bandanna around his neck and two revolvers housed in a pair of
Mexican drop loop holsters he seems to be channeling Wild Bill Hickok or some other gunslinging denizen of the Old West.

Wile images like this were almost always staged his revolvers appear to be M1892 Colt Army & Navy .38 revolvers which
were standard issue between 1892 and 1908. Additionally holster such as these locally made renditions of the so-calle
Mexican drop loop holster can be seen being worn by U.S. military personnel while on active duty in the Philippines at this

Real Photo Postcard
Unknown Photographer
Philippine Islands
c. 1910