Mounted Photograph
5 1/4 Inches by 7 1/4 Inches
(13.2 cm x 19 cm)
Hardy & Gunn - Photographers
1740 Fifth Avenue, Troy, New York, United States
c. 1905

Dating from not long after the end of the Spanish-American War this photograph depicts two American soldiers fitted out in
tropical service dress.  One might assume that they had their portrait taken just prior to deployment overseas possibly to the
Caribbean or the Philippines. If this was the case then it could be concluded that they were members of the United States
Army and not members of a New York State Guard unit.

Both men wear the khaki tunic of the pattern introduced in August, 1899 which was the last uniform issued that carried a
branch of service color on the shoulder straps - Yellow for cavalry, blue for infantry and red for artillery and engineers. The
shoulder straps in the photo appear very light and the first inclination would be to assign these men to the cavalry but tropical
helmets such as those carried by these two men were even less popular with mounted American troops than they were with
foot soldiers. My guess is that the shoulders straps are actually infantry light blue. Unfortunately no branch of service
insignia are present in the photograph the inclusion of which would have made a more precise identification less problematic.

One interesting feature of these men's uniforms are the black shirts or cravats that can been seen above the collars of their