Two U.S. Artillerymen from the Spanish-American War period. They both wear the 1899 pattern khaki field blouse.
This garment was the first attempt by the United States Army to create a universal uniform system in which all services
received the same basic uniform the branches being designated by interchangeable shoulder straps in each of the
branches colors - blue for infantry, yellow for cavalry, green for medical and in this case red for artillery. They both also
wear forage caps covered with white tropical cotton covers.

The seated man's cap bears the crossed cannon artillery badge with what appears to be a number "6" above the
cannons and the letter "I" below. This  would seem to indicate that these men were members of the 6th Field Artillery
Regiment, I Battery and would date this picture to before 1901 when lettered batteries became numbered.

The 6th served in the Philippine Insurrection and according to one source the Boxer Rebellion. This photograph may
very well have been taken in the Philippines or China.

Cabinet Photograph
B. Lichtig - Photographer
Unknown Location
c. 1900