Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Unknown, Probably Russian Location
c. 1900

While is somewhat deplorable condition - a feature shared by very many Russian image from this period - this cabinet
photograph still provides a outstanding view of two Russian infantrymen from the time of the Boxer Rebellion in China
(1900) or the Russo-Japanese War (1905).

Both men are armed an outfitted in a stereotypically popular view of what a Russian soldier from the period should look
like. Both are wearing  summer service uniforms with the very distinctively Russian loose fitting white blouse (
kittle) with
yellow shoulder boards bearing regimental number (here obscured with gold paint). White peaked service caps were worn.
Peakless version of this cap, similar to the German
Feldmützen cap were also worn. Their trousers would have been of a
very dark green color and were worn tucked into black leather high topped boots. Normally two back leather ammunition
boxes would have been worn on their black leather waist belts though these men only wear one possibly because they were
troops performing garrison duty at the time.  Both are armed with the Russian 3-line rifle, Model 1891 which is more
commonly but apparently not correctly referred to as the Mosin-Nagant Rifle.