Although a traditional for of transportation in many parts of the world, the rickshaw seems to represent late 19th and early 20th Century colonialism in a way like few others. This Real
Photo Postcard image shows a member of the French colonial marines - the Troupes de Marine - in one such mode of transportation somewhere in French Indochina. The rickshaw
itself is interesting since it appears to be of a European buggy pattern adapted to the traditional Asian pattern with wire spoked metal wheels with pneumatic ribber tires, leaf springs
and drop top.

I small detail in this image are the photographer obscured the anchor regimental insignia on the soldier's
casque colonial (tropical helmet) and coat collar.

Real Photo Postcard
Unknown Photographer
French Indochina
c. 1900s
Above: The postcard's reverse side inscription sent as a souvenir to an pharmacist in Constantinople.