Real Photo Postcard
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Location
c. 1910

This real photo postcard is somewhat enigmatic since although it bears a named inscription on the reverse side I have been unable to fine any
reference in United States military records to someone named Sal Pelonero which is the name that appears in pencil of the cards reverse side. The
full inscription reads:
"From Sal Pelonero to Joe Sacchi."

This soldier appears to wear the khaki 1908 pattern summer service uniform with a stand and fall collar tunic. While it is clear by his collar insignia
that this soldier was a member of a regular United States cavalry regiment the cross sabers badge which is just behind the "US" badge is blurred
just enough to prevent determining his specific regiment. He also wears an early army style rifle or pistol qualification badge above the pocket of
his tunic. These army issued badges are very similar to the current badges worn by the United States Marine Corps. Knowing his regiment would
have allowed the determining of where this photo was taken and possibly led to more information regarding this soldier's military record.

An interesting side note regarding the 1908 pattern uniforms in that the U.S. Army Quartermasters Department hired a British military tailor to
assist with the design of the then new pattern uniforms.

One of the more interesting features of this photograph is the U.S. issue tropical service helmet that this soldier chose to wear when having his
portrait taken.