This cabinet photograph, along with that of Robert Hart were part of an album group of 1st United States Cavalry subjects all
taken at Fort Sill, Oklahoma Territory in the mid 1890s. This image depicts a Sergeant (left) and a Private (right) who were
members of H Troop, 1st United States Cavalry. The Sergeant's trouser stripes and chevrons appear almost black in this
photo even though in actuality they were yellow. This color shift was a peculiarity of 19th Century photography.

Both men are armed with late model 45/70 Trapdoor Springfield Carbines. It was in 1896 that these outdated single shot
breech loaders  began to be replaced by the five shot magazine fed 30/40 Krag Carbine. Both men wear the Pattern 1895
Forage Cap. It should also be noted that in 1883 the U.S. War Department order that all letter cavalry companies be
re-designated as troops.

Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer - Possibly G.A. Addison
Fort Sill, Oklahoma Territory, United States
c 1897