A native of Scotland, Samuel Frances was born in November 1875 the son of Samuel Frances and Mary Nicoll. The family originally
resided in Dundee where the elder Samuel supported his family of three sons and a daughter as an umbrella maker. The family left
Scotland in 1886 and settled in Paterson, New Jersey. Our Samuel Frances was married by 1900 with his wife's name being Beatrice.
The couple had a one year old daughter also named Beatrice. At this time he was employed as a "silk twister".

Samuel Frances enlisted in "B" Troop, 1st Regiment, United States Cavalry on 31 December, 1903 at Allentown, Pennsylvania. He
joined his regiment - which has just returned from service during the Philippine Insurrection - at Fort Sam Huston, Texas and then
moved on to Fort Clark, Texas on 1 October, 1904. Samuel Frances had the good fortune to have joined the 1st Cavalry just as it
entered into a 35 year period of garrison duty. As a result he would see no active duty in the field. Samuel Frances was discharged at
Fort Clark, Texas on 30 December, 1906. At the time of his discharge his character was listed as "Good".

Samuel Frances next shows up in the 1920 Census for Paterson, New Jersey. He is now shown as being married to a woman named
Florence and no trace of his first wife Beatrice and daughter of the same name has been found. Samuel and Florence (a native of
England) had married around 1915.  By this time he had left the silk trade and was employed as a railroad Motorman.

The last mention of Samuel Frances that I have come across is in the 1940 U.S. Census for Paterson New Jersey where the 65 year
old is still employed by the railroad - now a Flagman - as was still married to Florence.

Mounted Photograph (trimmed)
6 3/4 Inches by 4 3/8 Inches (17 cm x 11 cm)
Unknown Photographer
Fort Clark, Texas, United States
c. 1905
Left: The reverse of the above photograph showing
Samuel Frances' rubber stamp mark showing hi, being a
member of "B" Troop, 1st Cavalry. The photograph is
inscribed "for Auntie" probably in Samuel's hand.