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Wilhelm Nottbrock - Photographer
Gütersloh & Münster, Germany

c. 1900

his German private appears to be a member of the German East Asia Expeditionary Corps (Ostasiatische Expeditionskorps) who was photographed just prior to his departure to China
to help suppress the so-called Boxer Rebellion which broke out in 1900. His uniform looks to be dark blue overall which would make him out to be a member of one of the Prussian
regiment which in part made up the majority of the Corps infantry element. The dark blue wool uniform was worn in China during winter campaigning as was replaced by khaki cotton
tunics and trousers for summer service. His hat is straw (
strohut) with the side brim turned up in the style of a Schutztruppe südwester. The strohut was worn with both summer and
winter dress.