Mounted Photograph
8 Inches by 10 Inches
(Approx. 20 cm x 25 cm)
Durham Studio (copiest)
Latrobe, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
Copied c. 1900 from a c. 1870 Original

Above: One of two identical photographs of what appears to be a Prussian infantryman from the time of the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71).
The two photographs were a matched pair copied from an earlier image by Durham Studio in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. One photograph had its
mount severely cut back probaly to fit a smaller frame while the intact copy is displayed here.

A set of inscriptions on the reverse of the cropped copy (see below) identifies this soldier as Peter Schiett and lists what may be several of
his family members. While I have been unable to find a Pennsylvania record for anyone who appears to be this soldier - which may imply that
he never immigrated to the United States himself - I have found numerous mentions of the Schiett family name in Pennsylvania. This same
inscription states that Schiett was involved in the "War 1771" which was later corrected to 1871.

Schiett appears to be armed with the Dreyse needle-gun while his
Pickelhaube helmet rests on the studio prop table next to his hand. On his
head he wears his
Krätzchen or visor less cap.
Left: The reverse of the cropped photograph showing the two