This real photo postcard depicts a private of the Michigan National Guard c. 1910. It dates from the interwar time period between the Spanish-American War and World War One that
gets very little mention – U.S. Army wise – in the history books. Michigan National Guardsmen who deployed to the U.S. Mexican border in 1916 in the wake of Francisco “Pancho”
Villa’s raid on Columbus, New Mexico were probably equipped much like this soldier.

He wears the 1908 Pattern khaki summer service uniform along 1907 Pattern web field equipment. On his head he wears the 1902 Pattern service or campaign hat. Naturally he is
armed with the Model 1903 Springfield rifle.

The photographer’s painted backdrop and set decorations create a rather moody in not fairy tale like feel to the image.

Real Photo Postcard
Unknown Photographer
United States
c. 1910