Dressed in the khaki this private of the 5th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (National Guard) is armed with the
most current U.S. issue long arm, the 30/40 caliber Springfield Krag rifle. The brightly polished belt plate on his
dark blue Mills cartridge belt bears the "MASS" abbreviation for his home state. Interestingly he also carries a
holstered pistol on his right hip. Handguns were not generally issued to infantry privates in the U.S. so this might be
a private purchase that he wore for the photograph. Another possibility is that handguns were issued to this specific
National Guard unit. At this time National Guard units were still very much products of their state of origin and did
not always follow Regular Army rules and regulations.

Cabinet Photograph
C. L. Ross - Photographer
67 Main Street, Webster, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
c. 1900