Cabinet Photograph
Unknown Photographer
Macau, Portuguese China
7 October, 1905

Pictured standing in front of Macau's famous monument to the great Portuguese warrior poet Luíz Vaz de Camões is a memebr of
the Portuguese garrison of Macau, China. He appears to have been a member of one of the companies of locally raised troops that
formed part of the island colony's defense force. He wears a khaki colonial uniform and is armed with an M-1885 sword bayonet
that fit the M-1886/98 Kropatschek rifle. It seems that Portuguese troops - or at least those in Macau - had adopted the French
tradition of wearing their bayonets while "walking out".

The photograph is dated 7 October, 1905
at the end of a long inscription in Portuguese on the card's reverse (below).  Although hard
to deciper the inscription appears to read:
"Dedico ao meu cordial amigo Amadeu M.a Henriques em testemunho da nossa boa
amizade para comemorar o dia do seu aniversário. Armando Augusto d'Assis, Macau, 7-10-1905"
. Translated it is a dedication of
friendship to Amadeu Maria Henriques from Armando Augusto d'Assis.

Armondo Augusto d'Assis was probably Lieutenant Armando Augusto d'Assis of the
Ultramar or colonial forces of Portugal serving in
Macau when the photograph was inscribed.

Amadeu Maria Henriques is probably 1.º Sargento (later Lieutenant) Amadeu Maria Henriques who served in the Ultramar or colonial
forces of Portugal at this time.