Cabinet Photograph
C. P. Haas - Photographer
113 Front Street, Freemont, Ohio, United States
c. 1895

While almost no personal information regarding the "soldier" in this photograph - Philip Huss - has come to light his collar titles make him out to have been a member of a little
remembered privately raised paramilitary unit from the area around Freemont, Ohio - the Buckland Guards. The unit was raised by Judge Horace S. Buckland in 1881 and named for
his cousin Chester A. Buckland who was killed at the Battle of Shiloh during the American Civil War. Besides a mention in
Biographical Record of the Counties of Sandusky and
Ottawa, Ohio
(1896) the only mentions I can find regarding the Buckland Guards are a few in the Sandusky Star Journal from around 1904-05 which all interestingly involve sporting

Huss' uniform seems to be very much in line with the uniform regulations of the regular U. S. Army at the time. His cap appears to be a Pattern 1895 forage cap and the rest of his
uniform looks to follow that of the 1892 pattern. Curiously his rifle appears to be a shortened two band Allin Conversion 1866 Rifle in 50/70 caliber. These Civil War vintage rifles which
had been converted into breech loaders in the late 1860s were long obsolete by the time this photograph was taken and one can only assume that they were chosen for the Guard as a
low cost army surplus expedience since the unit was formed and outfitted at the personal expense of Judge Buckland and the chances of the Guard ever actually having to go into battle
were nil.

The photograph bears a faint pencil inscription on its reverse side identifying the subject as Phil Huss and is addressed to Thelma and Carl Miller. Interestingly another cabinet
photograph by the same photographer depicting a member of the Buckland Guards was seen recently identified on the reverse side as Carl Miller. There is little both Carl Millers are
the same individual.