Italian Naval Rating
Unknown Photographer
Unknown Location - Probably Italy

Inscribed and dated on the photograph's reverse side this "Formato Cabinetto" depicts a young Italian naval rating from 1900. Aside from the date the inscription is illegible but never
the less the image faithfully depicts an enlisted member of the
Regia Marina at the time of the Boxer Rebellion in China. Although precise details of the uniform worn by Italian naval
legation guards is scant one might assume it was similar to that shown here. This sailor wears a dark blue jumper which could be described as "winter" and white "summer" trousers.
Given the variances in the weather in China the Italian legation guards where probably supplied with both summer and winter uniforms. As a result a combination like this in not out of
the question. The siege of the foreign legations took place in the heat of summer so it is likely that the all white uniform was worn during the fighting.
Above: The reverse side of the photograph showing the almost unreadable (to my eyes- aside from the date) inscription.