Wearing a U.S. issue M1902 campaign hat, khaki tunic and Kipling's "twisty piece o' rag" this man appears to have been a Ingorot member of the Philippine Constabulary. Members
of the Ingorot ethnic group who enlisted in the Constabulary while wearing U.S. issued hats and jackets preferred going bare legged and bare footed with little else other than a
traditional loin cloth. Ingorot members of the Philippine Scouts also seem to have adopted this fashion statement. Sometime before 1920 this casual uniform standard ceased and
standard issue trousers, boots and leggings were ordered to be worn. In appearance this man could easily been a member of the Philippine Scouts but his badge associates him with the
Constanulary - a paramilitary but civilian police force. The Scouts being a purely military organization.

Unmounted Photograph
3 1/4 Inches by 5 3/8 Inches
(13.2 cm x 8 cm)
Unknown Photographer
Baguio, Luzon, Philippine Islands
c. 1910