An interesting image of what appears to be a German colonial soldier. His uniform (and mustache) appear to be of
military issue but it lack any insignia with even the customary roundel on his tropical helmet is missing. He is armed
with either a large caliber double rifle or a double barreled shotgun or even a
dreiling. The palm as well as the
river, boats and riverside structures in the background would tend to make me believe that this photograph was
taken in East Africa or possibly South China as opposed to German West Africa.

On the reverse is the partially legible (to my eyes and even worse German) inscription which reads "
Ich in ??? aus

Mr. Steve Mauris has offered his translation of the inscription in question: "
Ich im jagd aus ruestung" or "Me with
my weapon on the hunt

Unmounted Photograph
4 5/8 inches by 6 5/8 inches (12cm x 17cm)
Unknown Photographer
German East Africa? China?
c. 1900