Real Photo Postcard
Unknown Photographer
French Indo-China
c. 1930s

This real photo postcard is a recent addition to my collection and depicts a platoon of the French Foreign Legion c. 1932. In the early 1930s the Legion was stationed in North Africa,
Syria, Madagascar and Indo-China. The men wear the uniform and equipment typically seen in use in Indochine – French Indo-China during that time period. Two details in particular
indicate that these men did indeed belong to the Légion Étrangère - the wide sash (
la ceinture bleue) each man wares around his waist and the neck scarf (cheche) that many of the
men can be seen wearing under their M1928 khaki drill uniform shirts. All the men hold their M1931 pattern tropical helmets with the exception of the two NCOs standing at left and
the legionnaire seated front row third from left who holds the much older M1886 colonial helmet on his knee. Based on deployment records the men probably belonged to 5e Régiment
Étranger d'Infanterie.