Carte de Visites
Vahlendick - Photographer
Bergstr. 9 & Lockstedter Lager
Kellinghusen, Germany
c. 1905

These two young German men appear to be cavalry officers attached to the German
East Asian Occupation Brigade which deployed to China around in the wake of the Boxer
Rebellion, replacing the larger
East Asian Expeditionary Corps. Both men have dark bands around their 1904 pettern field gray Bortfeldt tropical helmets - these were probably red
denoting cavalry. Their uniforms appear to be of the 1904 pattern field gray variety which replaced the previously worn khaki uniforms.  Both men wear high riding boots with spurs that
are fitting with their cavalry
("Ostasiatische Eskadron Jäger zu Pferd") duties and are otherwise identically outfitted with the exception of their sabers. It could be that as officers their
swords were privately purchased which resulted in the apparent variation in equipment.  Both photographs display a sign which reads
"Auf nach China!" or "On to China!"