Dating from sometime around the turn of the 20th Century this interesting image captures a glimpse of the waning
American West as it depicts a Private of "B" Company, 1st Michigan Infantry Regiment (possibly National Guard)
along with a fully outfitted cowboy. By this time period it had become common for people to dress up in "Wild West"
costume for novelty photographs but the details of this cowpoke's outfit seem to indicate that was indeed the genuine
article. He wears leather roping cuffs under his fancy star embroidered gauntlets (the soldier wears a matching and
probably borrowed pair), leather chaps and a Mexican loop style holster. In his left hand he hold a slightly frayed lariat
and hanging from his right hand is a short whip-like quirt. These details along with the overall detail and cut of his
clothing and hat are typical of early 20th Century cowboy gear.

The soldier appears to be wearing the standard M1902 U.S. Army dress blue uniform with Michigan State insignia in
addition to the Western-style gauntlets.

Unmounted Snapshot Photograph
3 3/4 Inches x 4 5/8 Inches
(Approx. 9.5 cm x 12 cm)
Unknown Photographer
Unknown United States Location (Possibly Michigan)
c. 1900