many may have been home on furlough or perhaps detailed to the regiment's depot at Brecon, Wales. The most interesting feature of this photograph is the Mills Pattern 1889, 100
round bandolier. This bandolier is identical to the double row web belt issued to U.S. troops during the Spanish-American War to hold the 30/40 rounds for the U.S. Krag-Jorgensen
Rifle, There is a good possibility that the pictured bandolier is of American manufacture.  I have read that it was believed that only Canadian troops serving in South Africa during the
Anglo-Boer War were issued with this type of bandolier but this photograph appears to indicate that British regulars were also issued this model of cartridge belt. The bandolier may
also indicate that this soldier a member of his battalion's mounted infantry detachment. On his 1881 pattern tunic he has a single good conduct stripe on the left cuff and wears a buff
leather - but unwhitened - Slade-Wallace waist belt.  

Cabinet Photograph
H. Montabue Cooper - Photographer
Taunton, Somerset, England
c. 1900