A veteran gunner of the Royal Marine Artillery (RMA). He wears a single clasp East and West Africa Medal and the
China Medal awarded for service during the Boxer Rebellion. He has a single good conduct stripe on the cuff of his
tunic's sleeve with the crossed rifles and star of
a 1st Class Good Shooting badge above it. A special thank you to John
Young for providing information correctly identifying this subject.

I have found medal sale reference for an East and West Africa Medal with "
Witu" clasp being issued to a member of
the RMA. The unnamed recipient of the medal mentioned in the 1904 sales sheet was a member of the HMS
complement. The
Brisk also saw service during the Boxer Rebellion, so it is one possibility that this RMA gunner may
have been a member of the
Brisk's marine complement.

Cabinet Photograph
A. Hing - Photographer
20A Queen's Road, Hong Kong, China
c. 1900