My supposition is that the man was a British subject who entered employ with the Khedival Government in much the same
manner as Alfred Berry Brewster (also to be seen in the section) did but exactly who he was has thus far escaped my best -
though far from infallible - efforts to identify him.

Naturally it is possible that he was of another European nationality or possibly even an American but given the apparent
time frame of when the photograph seems to have been taken his being a British subject seems the most likely. His
elaborately embroidered uniform looks to be of the type worn by high ranking civil officials as opposed to that of a military
officer. He wears to orders around his neck which appear to be those of the Medjidieh and the Osmanieh.

Over the years this image has been gnawed on by vermin of one sort or another with the damage fortunately being limited
to the edges of the image. The image was also incorrectly identified twice on the reverse side, first as the German born
Emin Pasha and secondly as the Turkish Field Marshal Gazi Osman Pasha. A bit of research shows that this man bears no
resemblance to either of the afore mentioned men.

I was contacted via my solidersofthequeen blog by Mr. Pual Hoszowski who raised the possibility that this may actually be
his great great grandfather Adam Hoszowski who did in fact hold the title of Emin Pasha. Mr Hoszowski wrote the following
about his ancestor:

"This ancestor’s real name was Adam Hoszowski (born Polish Austrian citizen), but having taken refuge in the Ottoman
Empire after his participation in the Hungarian uprising of 1848, he served in the Ottoman empire at least during the
Crimean war and the Russo-Turkish 1878/79 war under the name of Emin Bey. During the 1878/79 war he served under
Osman Nuri Pasa during the defense of Plevna. He started the siege as Colonel (Miralaye) and was promoted division
general (Ferik) in august 1878, which could be accompanied by the title of Pasa. I also know from his marriage act that by
the year 1858 he was decorated had been decorated with Medjedieh (with the Knight rank to this decoration) for his service
during the Crimean war."

I mentioned to Mr. Hoszowski that I found numerous mentions of his great grandfather in several sources but unfortunately
none of those sources contained a photograph of Adam "Emin Pasha" Hoszowski to compare with. The possibility is an
intriguing one.

Cabinet Photograph
Reiser & Binder - Photographer
Alexandria/Cairo, Egypt
c 1895