Carte de Visite
G. Dautez - Photographer
c. 1870

This pair of carte de visites were found associated together and based upon their common time period and Mediteranean
location I decided to link them together as a group.

Both images appear to date form the late 1860s to the very early 1870s. The first thing that one might notice in these two
images is that both of the young officers wear white cloth covers on their forage caps with attached havelocks. Not often
seen in period photographs this combination head gear was worn prior to the official adoption of the white foreign service

The above carte is a beautifully realized vignetted portrait of an anonymous officer station at Gibraltar. Like his name, his
regiment also is a mystery.

In the second carte below, this unidentif
ied officer also wears white - possibly cotton - 5 button  frock in consequence of the
warm Maltese climate.
Carte de Visite
Michele Zahra - Photographer
125 Strada Bretannica, Valetta, Malta
c. 1870