An interesting mounted photograph of an officer in the Anglo-Egyptian Army taken in Khartoum, Sudan. From appearances - the
dirt beneath the sitter's feet and the simple cloth or canvas backdrop - this image seems to have been taken outdoors, possibly at
the close of Kitchener's victory at Omdurman by a itinerant photographer who followed the army on campaign.

The officer is identified on the reverse although his surname is hard to read - possibly "Merhige" - his first name is clearly George.
More research may provide an answer as to his full identity. It would seem that Merhige may have been of Lebanese or Levantine
origin. I have found the surname of Merhige associated with the Christian Lebanese community at the time. The name of his
brother written as Monsur on the photo's reverse but more correctly Monsoor or Monsour would seem to confirm this.

Based upon the statement of the photograph's reverse Merhige may also have held the "rank" of  Apothecary in the
Anglo-Egyptian Army.

A special thanks to Mr. Mark Reid, formerly of the Canadian Military Museum for his insights into this photograph's origins an
subject matter.

Mounted Photograph
4 3/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches (11.8 cm x 9cm)
Unknown Photographer
Khartoum, Sudan
c. 1896 - 1899