Carte de Visite
Mrs. Williams - Photographer
Talbot Place, Darlington Street, Wolverhampton, England
c. 1875

Based on the style of this photograph's mount and t
he 1875-dated album that contained identical styled cards by photographer
Mrs. Williams my assumption is that this image depicts an young Englishman who was in the service of the Khedive of Egypt
prior to the Arabi Rebellion which took place in 1881.

It should be noted that at this time Khedival Egypt while still technically part of the Ottoman Empire was for all practical
purposes a semi-independent principality under the rule of the Egyptian Khedive (Viceroy).

Mr. Mark Reid has kindly offered some insights into this image. The pictured man's rank is captain or
(Adjutant-Major) in the Ottoman Army. He wears the cuff rank of a captain, two silver stripes, or an Adjutant-Major, a gold
and a silver stripe, as introduced in 1861 and only replaced after 1878.

Reid also mentioned that exact type of jacket, and cuff rank, was used in the Egyptian Gendarmerie
, a paramilitary
which has received an unfair historical reputation as a result of Valentine Baker Pasha's disastrous rout at
El Teb in 1884.