A perfect example of how not to treat a antique photograph. This reverse of this image's mount was even used as a coaster under a
cup of milk or possibly a small can of white paint.

All that aside the photograph shows a Canadian militiaman who is armed with the Ross rifle - Canada's only home grown military
long arm. The Ross was developed during the Boer War after Britain refused to supply Canadian forces with enough Lee-Enfiled
rifles. The Ross rifle served as Canada's first line long arm until the middle of World War One when its mechanical short comings
dictated that it be replaced by the standard British SMLE.

This photo must have been taken relatively early after the Ross' initial issuance since this soldier is still using an early leather belt
pouch. He is also wearing scarlet tunic and a straw hat. H
e head is covered by a straw "cow's breakfast" hat which were apparently
issued to Canadian troops while training up until Would War One

Mounted Photograph
6 1/4 Inches by 5 1/4 Inches (16 cm x 13.5 cm)
Blois - Photographer
c. 191