Images from the Farthest Corners of the Empire and Beyond
Two Unidentified Soldiers
St. Helena
c. 1900
Unidentified Lance Corporal
1st Battalion
The Devonshire Regiment
Andaman Islands
c. 1906
Robert Andrew Woolley
2nd Battalion
20th (East Devonshire) Regiment of Foot
c. 1867 - 70
Military Police Sergeant
Two Lance Corporals
St. Helena
c. 1900
Captain, Royal Engineers
Indo-European Telegraph Department

Major Henry Lake Wells, RE, CIE.

Cabinet Photograph
Teheran, Persia
Album Group
Royal Marine Light Infantry
Nagasaki, Japan
c. 1890s
1/King's Royal Rifle Corps
Port Louis, Mauritius
c. 1897
William Talbot Perrett
Royal Marine Light Infantry
HMS Monarch

Cabinet Photograph

Bristol, England
c. 1900
Ascension Island is one those places that
s to mind as a place remote beyond
compare, provided one knows this small
island even exists. Located in the South
Atlantic about midway between Angola and
Brazil it has been a British possession since

It was here that No. 6258 Corporal William
Talbot Perrett of the Royal Marine Light
Infantry found himself possibly while a
member of the marine detachment on the
HMS Monarch in the early 1900s. He left us
an interesting album group of snapshots
which offer a rare glimpse of life on the
isolated island at the time of his visit.

Although unnamed, the cabinet photograph
at left is believed to depict William Talbot
Perrett and may have been taken during one
of his shore leaves at home.
Police Magistrate
Christmas Island
c. 1900s