Carte de Visites
H. Uyeno - Photographer
Nagasaki, Japan
c. 1890s
These three carte de visites are part of a small album group of photographs depicting members of the Royal
Marine Light Infantry and date from sometime probably in the 1890s.

While relatively unremarkable in themselves what sets the apart from other similar examples is the location of
where they were taken – in this case, Nagasaki, Japan.
At the time these images were set the Japanese city of Nagasaki had already become an important hub of
international trade. Japan had not long before ended it self-imposed isolation and entered upon an incredibly rapid
program of modernization that was in the process of paving the way for Japan’s emergence as a major world power.
Within a few years of these photographs being taken Japan would defeat one of Europe’s great powers in the Russo-
Japanese War of 1904-05.
These three men were in all likelihood members of the Royal Marine complement aboard one of the Royal Navy’s
vessels that called at Nagasaki while patrolling the Far East. The men are unfortunately unidentified and no hint is give
as to the name of the ship on which they served.

Two image bear the back mark of photographer H. Uyeno who ran a studio at No. 5 Nakashima, Nagasaki. The third is
blind embossed on the front with the photographer’s name. As might be expected little information regarding Uyeno
has come to light although it seems his business with successful enough that he also maintained additional studios in
Shanghai, China and Hong Kong for a number of years.