Above: Lieutenant Robert Andrew Woolley and wife Ellen Charlotte Hornby (married 7 May 1870 in South Africa) in a photograph taken on the
island of Mauritius sometime around 1870 while the 2nd Battalion of the 20th Regiment of Foot was stationed there. Robert and Ellen Charlotte
had one daughter, Irene who was born in Natal in 1886.

Woolley had a relatively short military career
with the 20th Foot as was recorded in the London Gazette:

Ensign by purchase - 22 August, 1865
Lieutenant by purchase - 17 March 1869
Retires as Lieutenant - 24 April 1872

Volunteer service in Natal Colony:

Captain (
Levy Leader, Natal volunteer forces) - 1879

Woolley was born in Madras, India in 1847 the son of Captain (later general) Robert Woolley of the 28th Native Infantry and Isabella Jane Agnes.
According to the
The Mauritius Almanac & Colonial Register – 1871, on 21 February, 1871 Woolley was appointed Acting Aide-de-Camp to the
Governor and Commander-in-Chief of Mauritius the Honorable Arthur Hamilton Gordon, C.M.G. Additionally it stated that Woolley also served
as captain of the Mauritius Cricket Club.

Woolley seems to have remained in South Africa/Natal for some time after his leaving the colours. He finds a mention in Keith Smith's
Dead Was
Everything: Studies in the Anglo-Zulu War
. He is also referred to as captain during the Anglo-Zulu War in the Journal of Natal and Zulu History,
Volumes 1-6
(1978). As it turns out Woolley served as a levy leader with the local rank of captain during the Anglo-Zulu War and saw active
service during the c
onflict. The medal roll for the 1877-79 South Africa Medal shows Woolley as being entitled to that medal and one might
assume the "
1879" clasp.

Carte de Visite
George Bitter - Photographer
Mauritius, Indian Ocean
c. 1870
This informal portrait of Lieutenant Wooley in mufti was possibly taken while his battalion was posted to Cape Colony or equally after he had left
the army and set up in Natal w
here he married Ellen Charlotte Hornby in 1870.

Carte de Visite
Grant & Kisch - Photographer
Durban, Natal, South Africa
c. 187