Information Regarding the Origins, Scope and Intent of this Website
I was at first in something of a quandary as to what form the overall organization of the museum should take. Should the photographs be organized by regiment and service? Should it be laid out in a chronological
format or by photographic type? In the end I decided to categorize the collection based upon geographic location withing the old British Empire to which each specific photograph related.  While this may not seem the
most logical of systems to some it does lend itself to browsing within a relatively casual setting. For those looking for specific units or subjects I added a site search feature on the title page of the website. As time has
gone by I have added addition categories which do not fit into the geographical format - the "Old Soldiers" and "Odd & Unusual" sections are but two examples.

At the same time I decided to forgo including extensive regimental histories or accounts of battles and campaigns. It was felt that this would simply take up for too much time and space for a subject already dealt with
quite well  in other websites and traditional publications. Links to a few such resources can be found on this websites's "links" page.

Location, location, location: In most cases I have used old style place names in the descriptions that accompany each photograph. By doing so I am making no "statement" political or otherwise but simply keeping
things in a proper historical context. For example a photograph may have been taken c. 1900 in Quetta,
India. It will be listed as such and not as being taken in Quetta, Pakistan simply because the nation of Pakistan
did not exist in 1900.
How it all began: The first four images in the collection
Canadian Militiaman

c. 1865-70
Below are the humble beginnings of the collection. These four images - a decidedly mixed bag - were all acquired at the old Great Western Gun Show that was held at the Pomona Fair Grounds in outside Los Angeles, California
prior to 1999 when the show was closed for the last time.
Army Hospital Corps Private

Carte de Visite
Valletta, Malta
c. 1885
Royal Artillery Bombardier

Cabinet Photograph
London, England
c. 1900
Private John Harvey
The Devonshire Regiment

Carte de Visite
Northhampton, England
c. 1890
Overall Organization of this Website
Research, Methods and Accuracy
A wide variety of sources are used while researching the subjects in the collection. These sources range from a modestly sized collection of books in my library to a number of widely
know websites. At times I use the services of professional researchers in Great Britain who have close access to the Public Records Office archives in Kew. Recently I have been making steady use of Google
Book Search since this service allows free access to hundreds of long out of print books including many issues of the
Army Lists from the 1800's as well as other regimental histories. These books can be viewed
online and in many cases downloaded in full for free in .pdf format.

I have also been making an almost constant use of and The former allows access to millions of documents including census records, immigration and emigration documents, military
records with regimental campaign medal rolls being exceptionally valuable while the later allows access to regimental service records from the Victorian era all the way back to the late 1600s. Both of these sites
are accessible via subscription. In addition the
London Gazette is an invaluable aid in tracking the career path of British officers as well as the award of significant honours, These records dating back to the 1600's
are available online. Access to the
Gazette is free. Links to these resources are provided below and on the links page.

Additional and quite often valuable information has been provided my many visitors to the website. These contributions are always welcome and gladly accepted. In all such cases the contributor is always credited
by name.

I strive to be as accurate as humanly possible with my research but with all such endeavors mistakes do creep in. The shear scope of the subject matter can be daunting - a person can make a lifelong career in
the study of just regimental badges alone - with the job of identifying badges, medals, uniforms in all of their Victorian variations and splendor is complex to say the least. When I find mistakes or errors I fix
them, When a visitor brings one (or more) to my attention I fix those and always extend a hearty "Thank you". I have always wanted the website to be the best it can possibly be and will always work with that
goal in mind.

In regards to providing research services:
Please understand that I am unable to provide extensive research services. I will try to answer specific questions as time permits.
Unidentified Privates
in shirt sleeves.

Carte de Visite
Woolwich, England
c. 1880
The seed for was sown back in the early 1990's long before the Internet was what is today. In those days simply finding an original cabinet photograph of carte de visite
of a Victorian-era British soldier was an adventure in itself. In other words it was almost impossible for someone living in California and I considered myself lucky to find one or at the best two
a year at local gun and militaria shows. Quite often the available images were not of the best quality either in content or condition but one took what one could get. As time went by new online
avenues for the collector opened up and as my collection began to grow I began to consider various was of sharing these images with a wider audience. I have found that far too many collectors
become in effect hoarders. Items they collect more or less vanish from the public eye until some distant time in the future when these same objects re-enter the market place for any number of
reasons - the passing away of the owner, a change of interests, an intolerant spouse or any combination thereof. This was something that I did not to happen with the photographs I was

In March, 2005 I determined that there was no better time than now and I decided to create an online museum of sorts that would enable my collection to be shared with as many like-minded
individuals as possible and after working out the basics of website building and design (my background in graphic design has helped a lot) I launched

As time has gone by the original emphasis of uploading as many images as possible has shifted somewhat with a new importance being placed upon researching the otherwise forgotten lives of
the many "Tommy Atkins" and "Sergeant Whatsisnames" recorded in the photographs. In doing this I have found one of the two greatest rewards in creating and maintaining this website. The
other has been the completely  positive response I have received from the many visitors to the this "museum". To the best of my knowledge is the largest website of it
kind available online.
A Group of Cheshire Regiment Privates Playing Cards
and Drinking Beer

Cabinet Photograph
Dublin, Ireland
c. 1895
Capt. Thomas Harold Mortimer Green,
2nd Batt. Notts & Derbyshire Regt.

Cabinet Photograph
Hong Kong

Research Links - a subscription based genealogy website with an incredible wealth of original documents, census, military records etc.
The London Gazette - free archive search of the London Gazette going back to the 1600's. Excellent for tracking British military officer's careers and citations for awards of valour. - another subscription based website that allows access to British Army service records from 1914 back to the late 1600s.