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Peking, China - Soldiers of the Queen

Peking China c. 1905. He is probably armed with the Dutch M.95 Mannlicher rifle and is wearing a straw hat very similar to those worn by British Royal Navy ratings when on shore duty. An interesting if unintentional part of this photograph is the

Peking, China - Soldiers of the Queen

Guard in Peking, China from 1905. He would have been armed with a Lebel Fusil Mle 1886 M93 rifle and the Troupes de Marine anchor device can just be made out on the front of the old style tropical helmet. Unmounted Photograph 5 3/4 Inches by 3 1/4 Inches Unknown Photographer Peking, China c. 1905

Soldiers of the Queen - A Virtual Museum of Antique Victorian ...

The Far East - China, Hong Kong, Burma & Singapore: Canada - The Empire's Wild West: T he Southern Cross - Australia & New Zealand: T he West Indies - A Quiet Backwater:

Soldiers of the Queen - Sergeant of Engineers Francis Haskey ...

11 Foochow Road, Shanghai, China c. 1895: Above: The reverse side of the photograph showing Sergeant Haskey's inscription. ...

20A Queen's Road, Hong Kong, China

China Medal awarded for service during the Boxer Rebellion. He has a single good conduct stripe on the cuff of his tunic's sleeve with the crossed rifles and star of a 1st Class Good Shooting badge above it. A special thank you to John Young for providing information correctly identifying this subject.

French Indo-China - Soldiers of the Queen - Platoon

French Indo-China c. 1930s This real photo postcard is a recent addition to my collection and depicts a platoon of the French Foreign Legion c. 1932. In the early 1930s the Legion was stationed in North Africa, Syria, Madagascar and Indo-China.

Soldiers of the Queen - Bandsman A. C. Martin United States ...

China c. 1900. These facts may point to him being a member of the Marine Corps Band but I have also unable to find evidence at this time of the Band being in Hong Kong in 1900. Further research in ongoing. Cabinet Photograph R. Yamamoto - Photograper Yokohama, Japan 1900 Below: The inscription on the reverse of the photograph.

Soldiers of the Queen - Royal Marine Artilleryman and his ...

wears the China Medal for service in the Boxer Rebellion of 1900. Two of his sons seem to be following in father's footsteps and are either cadets or members of a military school. Their bandoleers are in fact filled with spent cartridge cases. Cabinet Photograph King & Co. - Photographer 38 St. James Road,Southsea, England c. 1901

Soldiers of the Queen - Sir Claude Maxwell MacDonald

After China, MacDonald was appointed Consul-General to Japan (October 1900) and then Ambassador when the mission in Japan was upgraded to embassy status. He presided over an era of outstanding relations between Japan and Britain which culminated in the Anglo-Japanese Alliance of 1902.


Interestingly the roll for the 1900 China War Medal specifically mentions H.M. Minister Sir Claude MacDonald being entitled medal along with the “ Defense of Legations ” clasp but again the 1908 issue of Hart’s Army List while incorrectly mentioning him as being a member of the China Expeditionary Force fails to mention his award of the ...

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