Cabinet Photograph
Edward G. Brewis - Photographer
Victoria Art Studios
8 & 10 New Bridge Street
New Castle-On-Tyne, England
c. 1905

The date of this photograph is based on the 1902 date of the King's South Africa Medal and the 1908 death of photographer
Edward G. Brewis. Unfortunately the bemedaled sitter is unidentified so details of his years in active service will probably
never be known.

An interesting detail of the photograph is its reverse side which at first appears to be of typical decorative imagery commonly
seen on turn of the century photographic mounts as seen below.
After a moments consideration it becomes apparent that the engraved image is in fact printed as a negative. While this effect may
have been inadvertent I tend to believe that it was probably done intentionally as something of an inside photographic joke of sorts.
This same image appears below reversed to create a "positive" version of the image. Interestingly I have seen other examples of
Brewis' photographs with this same artwork printed as a "positive".