Above: The mounted photograph of Lt. John Keith, R.A. and the newspaper article relating to his death in the jaws of a
wounded tiger.

John Keith was born about 1840 in Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland the third son of Dr. William Keith and the
former Miss Burnette Silver.

Keith was commissioned into the Royal Artillery on 1 April 1861 and was assigned to the 13th Brigade, 8th Battery in
Secunderabad, India on in May of the same year. He sailed from Gravesend aboard the steamer
Hydaspes on 16, June 1861.

His obituary appeared in the 27 April (no year) edition of the
Central India Times and an abriviated version showed up in the
Saturday, 8 June, 1867 issue of of the
Times (London).

Kieth came from a large family of five brothers of which served in the military:

Colonel William Keith, Royal Engineers, Born - 4 October, 1836 Aberdeen, Scotland
Died - 5 May,1891, London, England.

Colonel George Silver Keith, Madras Staff Corps, Born - 3 September, 1838 Aberdeen, Scotland
Died 18 September, 1887 Madras, India.

Lieutenant John Keith, Royal Artillery, Born 13 November, 1839 Aberdeen, Scotland
Died 24 April, 1867 Nagpore, India.

Colonel James Keith D.S.O., Royal Artillery, Born 5 November, 1842, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Died 5 February, 1919, London, England.

Surgeon Alexander Crombie Keith M.B., C.M., Born 11 December 1849, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Died 13 January, 1880 Sherpur near Cabul, from pneumonia, caused by
exposure during the campaign in Afghanistan.

Thanks to Mr. Neil G. Smith for providing some of the additional Keith family genealogical information.

Mounted Photograph
2 3/8 inches by 3 3/4 inches
(6 x 9.5 cm)
Unknown Date c. 1861
Unknown Location

2 7/8 inches by 5 3/4 inches
(7.5 cm x 15 cm)
April 27 (1867)
Nagpore, India