Pictured on the left is this Carte de Visite is an unidentified British private. He wears the 1881 pattern tunic and type
that saw action during the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879.

While there is no evidence that this man actually was such a volunteer his "uniform" matches very closely that which
was worn during that conflict by locally raised troops. He seems to be wearing dark colored Beford cord pants and
jacket and wears a slouch-type hat. He is also armed with a Martini-Henry rifle and carries the cartridges for that
weapon in an 1881 pattern bandoleer. His boot tops are protected by side buttoning canvas gaiters.

It is certainly possible that this man was a member of a local Irish militia but I have found no reference to any such
unit being uniformed in this manner.

Carte de Visite
Robt. W. Simmons - Photographer
2 Nuns Island, Galway, Ireland