Cabinet Photograph
Cobb & Keir - Photographer
29 Plumstead Road, Woolwich, England
c. 1890

With French zouave inspired uniform complete with tasseled turban, the man seated at left was a member of the picturesque West India Regiment which was raised in British Jamaica
and other West Indian colonies. The ranks of the West India Regiment were filled with men of African descent while officers and senior NCOs were always European. While no rank
insignia are visible on this man's uniform he must certainly have been of the latter.

The small crown insignia on the sleeve of the standing Scottish rifleman seems to indicate that he was a sergeant major in the
Hodden grey clad London Scottish Volunteer Rifle Corps.
The regiment's elaborate and distinctive rampant lion belt clasp is clearly visible in this photograph.

The artillery sergeants chevrons are clearly visible on his right sleeve and he is wearing his "walking out" uniform including white gloves.

An overall interesting photograph with and unusual combination of regiments represented.