Carte de Visite
. Argellier - Photographer
G de Rue des Creuses, St, Etienne, France
c. 186

An amazing character study in of itself, this carte de visite records the very stern image of what appears to be a noncommissioned officer of French infantry. A decorated veteran he
wears from left to right the 2nd Empire version of the Medaille Militaire which was awarded to noncommissioned officers and men for bravery in the field and who had also been
wounded in action, what is probably the 1859 Italian Campaign Medal, the French version of the Turkish Crimean War Medal and most curiously what appears to be the British
Crimean War medal with on of its distinctive oak leaf clasps. Based upon other examples of the British Crimean War medals that were issued to allied French troops the clasp could well
be that of "